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Doomsday Robots Game Company is a board game design and publishing company based out of Dallas, Texas. The company was founded by John Olson in 2013 and includes co-designers, Brad Shankle and Josh Geimer.

We see games as art and creativity as the cornerstone of great design. Our passion is to create fun, high-quality, innovative board games that harmonize mechanics, theme, and presentation into a beautiful tabletop experience!

Bridges to Nowhere

Bridges to Nowhere

"Bridges to Nowhere” is a 2-player, 10-minute micro card game where players compete to build the most efficent bridge. The game consists of 4 rounds with 2 phases, Card Drafting and Bridge Building. Each Bridge Card has an efficiency number that represents how many points it will be worth. Points and bonus points for completed bridges are added up. The player with the highest total wins and is the most efficient bridge engineer!

The official BoardGameGeek info page for Bridges to Nowhere. See more images, learn about the game and read the rules!


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